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Virtual Tastings

Take a sensory journey with our expertly curated virtual tasting events. Perfect for discovering new flavors and expanding the palate, our virtual tastings offer a unique and exciting customer experience that will keep your guests talking.

The Process

Here’s how it works:

We’ll send participants a selection of whatever food or beverage is being tasted ahead of time, along with instructions on how to participate in the event. At the time of the event, participants will log into the virtual platform, where they will be able to see and interact with the host, who will then guide them through the tasting experience.

During the event, customers will learn all sorts of interesting fun facts about the product being tasted, which could include its history, how it’s made, how to identify different flavors and aromas, and more, depending on the event chosen. Customers will have a chance to ask questions and engage in discussion with the host and other participants.

Interested in Booking?

Contact us for availability and pricing information.

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