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Paul Kulik

Chef Paul Kulik, one of Omaha's most acclaimed food pioneers of the past decade, is the owner and executive chef of Le Bouillon and the famed Boiler Room. Chef Kulik, a James Beard Award Semi-Finalist, is responsible for some of the hippest eateries in Omaha and has changed the way Omaha eats for the better.

The Experience

Ditch the traditional dining experience for an interactive culinary showcase. This 3-hour interactive dining affair is unlike any corporate dinner your clients have experienced before...

Wine Bottles

'Happy Hour'
Wine Reception

Hosted in a luxurious penthouse with a stunning skyline view in downtown Minneapolis, the evening will kickoff with a wine reception. Mingle, sip, and watch with clients as Chef Malone preps for the evening.

Food Styling on Plate

Interactive Culinary

Guests are encouraged to directly engage with Chef throughout the evening by asking questions, seeking culinary insights, or simply watching the magic unfold up close and personal.

Red Light Art

Client Facing

Either before or after dinner is served, hosts will have the opportunity to give a presentation, engaging directly with clients.

The Venue


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