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Data Analytics
Professional Speakers

Are you looking for a unique take on data analytics for your next corporate event? We’ve got just the thing for you. Choose from our three remarkable speakers who have harnessed the power of data analytics to revolutionize the way sports games are won. As pioneers in the world of sports analytics, each draws upon vast experience in transforming their respective sports by leveraging advanced statistical analysis and cutting-edge technology.


During the virtual Q&A discussion, your speaker will share insights on the importance of data-driven decision-making, and how it can give teams a competitive edge—whether on the field or in business.

Choose From Our Stellar Network of
Data Analytics Speakers:

Mike Fishman
Assistant General Manager and Head of Analytics for the New York Yankees

Michael Fishman has always been passionate about baseball and wanted to pursue a career in the sport using his analytical skills. At the age of seven, Fishman started viewing baseball as a game of probability. He went on to pursue a career in data analytics, and eventually landed a job with the New York Yankees in 2005 as a baseball operations assistant. Today, as assistant general manager for the Yankees, he oversees one of baseball's largest analytics staffs and has played a key role in implementing advanced analytics into the team's decision-making processes, contributing to their success on the field.

Jesse Smith
Senior Director Analytics for the Seattle Mariners

Jesse Smith is senior director of sports analytics for the Seattle Mariners, where he uses data sports analytics to make informed decisions on trades, signings, and extensions for the organization. Smith's ability to lead his team and leverage their skills has been critical to their success in this highly competitive field.

Jeremy Rogalski
Director of Hockey Analytics for the Boston Bruins

Jeremy Rogalski, Director of Hockey Analytics, is entering his 15th season with the Bruins organization. The West Springfield, MA native utilizes statistical data and tools to support the hockey operations, coaching, and scouting staffs, in addition to scouting amateur draft prospects. A 2009 graduate of Bates College with a degree in Economics, he's held positions as the Assistant to the Hockey Administration, Video Analyst, and Hockey Operations Assistant. 

Jeffrey Ma
Former VP of analytics and data science for Twitter, predictive analytics expert for ESPN, Kingp and Former VP of Microsoft for Startups

As one of the leaders of the infamous MIT Blackjack team​, ​Jeff Ma was the inspiration for the main character in the best-selling book ​Bringing Down the House and the hit movie, ​21. ​

He helped start four different companies including (sold to Demand Media), CircleLending (sold to Virgin), Citizen Sports (sold to Yahoo) and tenXer (acquired by Twitter). In that time, he has become a sought-after speaker showing companies how to harness the power of numbers to make better bottom-line business decisions; decisions that, often, are the difference between winning and losing.

jeff ma.jpg
Shawn Dubravac
NYT Best Seller of Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicate; President of Avrio Institute 

Dr. DuBravac is an internationally-recognized thought leader and top-rated keynote speaker, delivering pragmatic and provocative insights on the trends, technologies and paradigms transforming the globe. His research focuses on the forces shaping tomorrow that are percolating on the peripheral of society and business today. By providing an elevated view of developing trends, DuBravac empowers leaders and their organizations to improve strategic decision-making capabilities by identifying and understanding the changing landscape and opportunities that lie ahead. Today DuBravac is president of Avrio Institute with clients including Fortune 100 and Global 1000 companies, scrappy start-ups, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Grounded in economics, DuBravac served for over a dozen years as chief economist for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the U.S. trade association representing more than 2,000 consumer tech companies and owner and producer of CES.

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