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Corporate Tailgate

Elevate your next corporate event with an upscale tailgate party that will leave your guests talking long after the event is over. Whether you host it in your own parking lot or at a customer's site, a tailgate event is the perfect way to create an exciting and engaging atmosphere that will bring you and your guests together. Use the opportunity to deliver a presentation on our 40-inch flatscreen TV or just relax and socialize. From the upscale tailgate party to the unforgettable VIP treatment, you'll be providing your guests with an event that goes above and beyond a typical customer event.

RedJet Entertainment Corporate Tailgate Events Offer:

RedJet Entertainment Events.jpg

▹ A luxury motorhome, a tent, chairs, and tables

▹ Gourmet food

▹ Full open bar with top-shelf mixed drinks

▹ Full waitstaff, including a chef, a waitress, and a bartender

▹ Customized logo cigars

▹ 40-inch flatscreen TV

▹ Onsite event management 

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