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Beer Samples


 Join beer connoisseurs as they virtually welcome your clients into the land of beer. Your clients will sample a range of pre-selected beers from the comfort of their homes with entertainment like no other.

The Process

The trio will walk the audience through the beers they'll be tasting, explaining the history and seasonality behind the beer and their breweries, as well as sharing personal experiences, knowledge and humor of their own beer making. Guests are encouraged to interact with our hosts, asking questions along the way.

For an additional cost, send your clients a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

About the Brew Masters

More than five years ago, Patrick Morgan, Matt Gilliland, and Cody Reif came up with an idea to combine their passions of beer and entertainment to offer virtual beer tastings to other beer-curious folk. With a combined 50+ years of brewing industry experience, the trio brings a collaborative, fun and exciting perspective to their tasting lessons, often leaning into the history, marketing, and science behind beer making as well as proper beer & food pairings, proper tasting & smelling techniques and more.

Interested in Booking?

Contact us for availability and pricing information.

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