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Serving Whiskey


Join whiskey connoisseurs as they lead an interactive "Happy Hour" whiskey masterclass. The whiskey masters cover everything from whiskey's distinct flavor profiles to proper food pairings, from the history of the distillation process to proper ingestion techniques. Your clients will sample a range of pre-selected whiskies from the comfort of their homes with entertainment like no other.

For an additional cost, send your clients a "Booze Box", filled with a variety of whiskies, customized glassware, whiskey rocks and accompaniments. 

About the Whiskey Masters

Ryan Norwood, Director of Distillery Operations for Sagamore Spirit, the best-selling rye whiskey in Maryland, and Cody Reif, a former scientist and craft brewing expert of 20+ years, will lead the Masterclass. The duo brings a collaborative, fun and exciting perspective to their tasting lessons, often leaning into the history, marketing, and science behind whiskey making as well as proper drink & food pairings, proper tasting & smelling techniques and more.

Interested in Booking?

Contact us for availability and pricing information.

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