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Baseball Opening Day

Get in on the most exciting day in Baseball—Opening Day! Make it a day filled with memories with our pre-event tailgate party, featuring a luxury experience your customers won’t soon forget. From our onsite luxury motor home to gourmet food and drinks, it’s an atmosphere that’s brimming with anticipation and excitement!

RedJet Entertainment Baseball Opening Day Tailgate Events Offer:

RedJet Entertainment Events.jpg

▹ 20 Lower-level tickets past first or third base (groups of four or more)

▹ A luxury motorhome, a tent, chairs, and tables

▹ Gourmet food

▹ Full open bar with top shelf mixed drinks

▹ Full waitstaff, including a chef, a waitress, and a bartender

▹ Customized logo cigars

▹ 40-inch flatscreen TV

▹ Onsite event management 

Choose from the following:

▹ Seattle Mariners

▹ ​Texas Rangers

▹ ​SD Padres

▹ ​Cincinnati Reds

▹ ​Kansas City Royals

▹ ​Philadelphia Phillies

▹ ​Detroit Tigers

▹ ​Colorado Rockies

Interested in Booking?

Contact us for availability and pricing information.

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